Dr. Cornelia Pinnock Memorial Essay Scholarship Contest Winners

In honor of Dr. Pinnock’s work,

the English Department

is proud to announce the winners of the


Dr. Cornelia Pinnock

Memorial Essay Scholarship Contest


First Prize: 

Karole Levine “Transformations in Writing”

Second Prize:

Daniela Dally “How to Love”

Honorable Mentions:

John Joseph Iadevia “Challenges”

Shahjahan Najeeb “A Dangerous Experience”

Talitha Robinson “Writing the Real Me”

Samantha Sherman “My Transformation into a Writer”


Winners will be recognized and prizes awarded at

The Student Conference on Language and Literature

Wednesday, April 17th

Common Hour, 12:00pm

Student Union Multipurpose Rooms


Many thanks to our judges: Ms. Moya O’Connor, Ms. Rafat Sada, Dr. Victor Visconti, and Prof. Jessica Williams. 

Many thanks to the English Composition I and II instructors who encouraged their students to participate.


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